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This Sask. character continues to be looking really love after advertised on a Finnish relationship series

This Sask. character continues to be looking really love after advertised on a Finnish relationship series

Kaylyn Whibbs CTV Stories Regina Video Journalist


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REGINA — Matthew Almusa is becoming a bit of a high profile in Finland after listed in a dating program for producers.

The program, Maajussille morsian maailmalla or the lead interpretation Farmer Wants a Wife Worldwide, centered on him or her and three other farmers wanting romance.

The show requisite he motion picture in Finland for a few months. In addition, he took part in shoots for its program in Regina and near his own house in Margo, Sask.

a follow through occurrence am bet in Regina at the start of the year.

Almusa had not been looking to get on a reality Television program when the chance presented it self.

Almusa explained his or her relative was actually investigating the households genealogy and related to a family member in Finland over myspace. The related needed unmarried producers to audition your show

Do you already know anyone with which has Finnish ancestry, was individual which is through the agriculture markets?, Almusa said the family member questioned.

He or she spoke because of the comparative before being passed along toward the shows makers.

i may too consider potential and who could say whom you can meet and just what connections you can get, so I posses close friends right now from across the globe, countless them in Finland, but perhaps even the additional men have been throughout the show, theres one from Lebanon as well as one from chicken.”

The tv show can be seen in Canada, but it really features a huge appropriate in Finland.

“because additional man inside the series believed, we’re FIF, popular in Finland,” explained Almusa.

They claimed he was capable resume their typical lifestyle when he got household, but in Finland his look appeared in tabloids and people send out your messages on Instagram.

“I continue to maintain thinking about my self because little farm child from Margo and often you just need to sit and think it over and consider wow I really got on this particular Television program,” the man believed.

Becoming a hollywood and achieving men and women desire to get photographs with your was actually a stresses of the practice for Almusa, but he had been grateful to reach head to another area of the world today during this process.

“we surely feel that this feel has taken me nearer to Finland and also the passion for Finland, i am talking about most people often had been satisfied fin however don’t truly know all the things of Finland until you in fact proceed here,”Almusa stated.

He or she however keeps in contact with individuals he came across the program, and mentioned he stays pals employing the women who vied for his or her emotions.

Matthew Almusa ascending into a mix at his work towards the south land machines in Emerald park your car. (Kaylyn Whibbs / CTV Facts)

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